The Masterdor Timber Thermal

The flexibility, options and skills to deliver your perfect door-set.

In addition to ancillary products such as sidelights and fanlights, Masterdor Ltd manufactures a wide range of bespoke external domestic door-set products, all of which are delivered fully finished and ready to install.

We are adept at finding solutions to particular door problems and offer a wide range of options for the disabled. Prices can vary with the relative styles (we offer up to 94 styles of some products) and specification chosen.

Importantly, our Masterdor doors are designed to offer true proportions even after sizing.

Frame and threshold options

A narrow frame option is also available for use with the Suredor GRP where it is important to maximise the available brickwork opening to achieve the widest possible clear opening without needing to cut back the brickwork (e.g. for wheelchair access). Both 25mm standard and 15mm wheelchair Part M compliant thresholds are available.

The Masterdor Timber Thermal

A 44mm or 54mm engineered timber door leaf with an insulated foam core core of polyurethane that has proven to increase the door's thermal efficiency to produce a U-value of 1.0 with a PVCu outer frame or 1.4 with a hardwood / composite frame.

The Masterdor Thermal is the most airtight door-set available (800 Special) and has a major role to play in helping contractors and social housing providers to deliver Code Level 3 to 6 homes. It can be supplied in either SR or a SP doorframe.

The door can be supplied with a painted finish or alternatively wrapped in a ASA thermoplastic film called Permaskin.