Pros and Cons of Combination Boilers

combination boilers

Combination boilers are popular appliances in the United Kingdom. If you do not currently use one of these systems in your home, but are considering the installation of one of them then it is natural that you weigh the pros and the cons of the systems to help you decide if one of them is right for you.

The Pros of Combination Boilers are:

Combination boilers have many good points about them that make people consider them as the way to heat their rooms and the way to heat their water supply. Some of their finest features are:

  • – The fact that they are fuel efficient
  • – These items often take the place of two or more appliances in the home so they reduce the fuel amount, and the number of appliances that are needed to provide the needs of the family
  • – They do not have storage tanks so the homeowner has fewer maintenance tasks to perform when they own these
  • – They supply hot water when it is needed so the family does not worry that they will have stagger their bath times or things of this nature
  • – They are capable of also having the air conditioning units connected to them so the same ventilation system that provides the warmed air can also provide the cool air to the rooms
  • – They are smaller and take up less space making them convenient for people with small homes or apartments

The Cons Associated with Combination Boilers are:

Of course for every good thing about combination boilers there is usually a bad thing that can be found as well. The only way to determine whether you are buying something that will be beneficial to you is for you to weigh the good and the bad and see which of the things on each list will affect you the most.

Combi Boilers Prices can vary from £500 to £3,000

The following are some of the most commonly reported problems with the combination boilers:

  • – The presence of hard water scaling on the heat exchanger reduces the efficiency of the device
  • – When hard water scaling is present in the heat exchanger all of the water that is being circulated through your pipes will be leaving mineral deposits behind
  • – The mineral deposits that are sent through the system that has hard water scaling will also be left in the radiators in the different rooms
  • – The components to replace things that are damaged when hard water scaling is occurring can be quite expensive
  • – The heated water is not instantaneous but is delayed by a moment or two while the fluid is actually heated and sent to the appropriate faucet
  • – When the system is under high demand the pressure in the system can drop to inadequate amounts meaning that the homeowner can experience difficulties in receiving warm water during the summer months when their neighbors are using a lot of water on their lawns and gardens
  • – You generally need to consult a professional installation crew
  • – The items are more expensive to purchase in the initial installation

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Combination Boilers – Advantages and Disadvantages