Your Last Chance To Replace Windows And Beat The Cold

Recent figures compiled by uSwitch have shown that as many as two in ten households are already struggling to pay the cost of energy bills. Some even have to leave bills unpaid or go into debt as they cannot afford to pay their energy company. The worrying thing is that winter has not yet taken a stranglehold on the country and the weather is likely to get colder before it gets any warmer.

Replacement Window Features

replacement windows pricesThe betting is that those homes that are struggling to make ends meet energy wise only have single glazed windows in their home. Single glazing is just not capable of keeping households warm when the cold snap strikes as a single pane of glass is a far poorer conductor of heat than windows which contain two panes of glass. Replacement windows allow you to rely on your heating far less than you would when you have single glazing installed as it traps heat generated and prevents it from passing through glass. ‘A’ rated windows will pretty much ensure that 100% of heat generated stays within the room in which they are placed.

Many households nationwide went without heating last winter just to avoid high energy bills. This can have dire consequences on the health of those who live within the property. It was also the coldest winter in the past 30 years, so do you really want to run the risk of staying loyal to your single glazing if things are as bad or even worse this year!

To prevent cold draughts from passing into your home via hallways, UPVC front doors can work as a wonderful accompaniment to any new windows installed. They also have similar properties to windows and conservatories.

Time is running out to throw out your single glazed windows so you need to act fast!

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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows