Buying Home Security Alarms

With ever increasing instances of burglaries or home invasions making the headlines, many people are seriously considering ways to protect their homes & possessions. This is increasingly catered for by installing home security alarm systems.

home security alarmsThere are quite a few options on the market, so we have taken the time to review a website that specialises in home security sales leads:

The site is said to be able to provide visitors with prices for home security alarms in both the USA and UK. Although we tested the UK contact form, we did not test the US version. We can report that we were contacted within a short time by a very professional sounding person who confirmed our request and offered to connect us with pre-vetted home security sales lead prospects who would be happy to do a home survey.

At this point we declared ourselves as “testers” and explained our reasons for contacting and politely ended our call.

Website Content

We found the content to be informative & well written, as quite a new website the content volume. Whilst covering the main points, more content is still being added, and if the current quality is anything to go by, then over the long term we think the site will be a very good online resource. Especially for home security contractors wanting to get information about what type of home security leads there are in the market (and then get some prices without being put under pressure to buy).


As of the date of this article, the website is quite “compact”, but we have been told that there is a lot more content being developed to cater for both the US & UK markets. It delivers what is says it delivers – good content, relevant information and a simple way to get multiple prospective customer leads who are looking for quotes for any type of home security.

Home Security Alarms For Your Safety